School Profile

Thomastown West Primary School was established in 1971 and is located approximately 20 kilometres north of the CBD. The school site is adjacent to Thomastown Secondary College and the schools share some sports facilities and a joint car park.

We have over 40 nationalities represented in our school community, including 5% indigenous.The Student Family Occupation Index has varied between 0.77 and 0.80.   At the beginning of Term 1 2018 our enrolment was 316 students.


The school staff is currently 39, some are part time. Staff include Principal class, Leading Teachers and classroom teachers.  The non teaching staff includes Office staff and Integration Aides.  Out of School Hours program is outsourced to OSHClub.

Our school curriculum has a major focus on Literacy and Numeracy.  Each day 2 hours of Literacy is taught and 5 hours of numeracy every week.  Our specialist  subjects include: STEM, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Physical Education.

For students who require extra assistance, we offer programs such as a Phonological Awareness Program and Literacy Support. We have EAL support for students where English is their second language and who need some assistance. A major feature of the Prep program is Oral Language

We also offer programs that extend and enhance student's abilities. We also have specialised music programs such as instrumental lessons, choir and a school band.

In 2012 we moved into our new facilities which offer the opportunity for flexible learning spaces and 21st Century Learning.

In 2014 a Community Hub was established with community partners:  Whittlesea Community Connections,  The Smith Family and Reservoir and Preston Adult Community Education (PRACE).  The purpose of the Hub is to support the needs of families and students in the Thomastown Community.

In 2015 Thomastown West was a lead school in the Linking Learning Project.  The Linking Learning Project is designed for all Early Years Education Settings to intervene early in a child’s development to will provide the best opportunities for children and their families while at school. 

During 2016 and 2017 Thomastown West has investigated a significant amount of time and resources into developing the School Wide Positive Behaviour framework at our school. We also recently became a Respectful Relationships Partner School and have begun our partnership with Our Watch. 

During 2018 we have focused on  FISO’s Building Practice Excellence, as well as Curriculum Planning and Assessment. This has also involved building the leadership capacity of our School Improvement Team and our PLC leaders to support staff to implement a consistent approach to curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

The Thomastown West community is committed to creating and maintaining a positive, safe and supportive environment. By upholding our values (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Empathy and we Striving to be our Best) we encourage every child to reach their academic potential and social growth in an inclusive and innovative learning environment.

Our school motto is Together Working on Pathways to Success (TWPS). Education is a partnership between teachers, families and the wider community.  We work together to ensure all students experience success.