Breakfast Club

From Term 4 2023, Thomastown West Primary School  will return to our traditional TWPS Breakfast Club but with a few necessary changes!

  • Breakfast Club will open at 7:45am.

  • Breakfast Club is FREE.

  • Breakfast Club will operate from our Thomastown West Community Hub.

  • Students will enter Breakfast Club via the single Hub gate on Main Street.

  • From 7:45am - 8:15am parents or carers must drop their child at Breakfast Club and sign them in.

  • From 8:15am students may arrive at Breakfast Club in the Hub and sign in without their parents or carers.

  • Students are encouraged to bring a small toy or game to play. There are plenty of books to read at the Hub.

  • The Breakfast Club will close at 8:30am and the  single Hub gate on Main Street will be closed.

  • At 8:30am the double gates at the front entrance of our school will be opened for students to enter.













Breakfast goods are donated to our school by FOOD BANK.

Our fabulous Wellbeing programs are run by our caring, experienced and dedicated Welfare Team.