Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education

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This program is designed to develop English language skills to support engagement in community activities and services as well as provide the skills and confidence to pathway into accredited study or volunteer/employment opportunities. The course will not only improve English language skills, but will develop friendships and networks for people in the Thomastown/ Whittlesea area.

The content will include facilitated discussion and language building activities that encompass oral, written, reading and group work. Activities and events to build a stronger social network and sense of inclusion, guest speakers to improve learners' understanding and engagement in school/community/government services. Work, volunteer and study options and opportunities will also be explored.


Pathways may include accredited English studies, volunteering at the school (office, classroom, canteen) or in alternate community settings, pursuing a range of preaccredited/accredited vocational courses based on learner interest and skill level.   (This section can be left out if you think its not relevant for the purpose)

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